How Society Conditions Us with Unhealthy Habits

However, it is not the temptation that you have to be most concerned with. Enough willpower will allow you to bypass that supersized menu for something a bit healthier. The right knowledge into the health effects will keep you from engaging in bad habits that are dire for your body. Even though it seems difficult, it is possible to bypass the temptation and make the right decision. The problem is that society as a whole is conditioned into making those bad choices. You are not just led to temptation; you are led to believe that those ways are somehow more beneficial to you.

It is this conditioning that you have to be worried about. You have to break through that conditioning if you plan to engage in a healthy lifestyle and rid yourself of bad habits. Yet it can be a very difficult task. There is often more at stake than simply seeing a drive-thru on your way home. Instead it is about what your brain believes when it sees that drive-thru. It is about the effects of what society has deemed as normal.

You do not even have to leave your home to be bombarded with unhealthy options and choices. Television commercials, newspaper advertisements, your favorite program, music on the radio and even movies all engage in those same bad habits. Through this constant barrage of information you are being told that this is what is good. This is what is normal. This is what you should be doing. These are the choices that you should be making for yourself, your family and at times even your friends. Everyone else is doing it, it is easier, it is cheaper, it is normal and you enjoy it more. Sound like familiar reasons for making those choices?

When it comes to what everyone else is doing, that may actually ring true in making unhealthy choices and opting for unhealthy habits. Chances are most people you know actually are making those decisions and choosing the same path. While it is certainly no reason for you to engage in the same activities, it is helpful to understand why. Those others that are doing it are doing it for the same reasons. Society has also conditioned them to believe that this is what they want and need in their life.

More often than not people will decide to do something for no other reason than it is simpler to do it than it is to entertain the idea of the alternative. Smoking is easier than quitting. Fast food is easier than preparing dinner. Watching television is easier than taking a walk. The list could go on and on. Each day you make multiple decisions. In fact, some of those decisions can be difficult to make. Do you take that promotion? Do you buy a new home? Do you pay this bill or that bill? When it comes time to make the small decisions it is not unheard of to choose what seems simple and quick. Sure, grab some fast food. That means you spend less time cooking and more time with your family. It makes the kids. In the end, however, those small decisions can have dire consequences if they become what is normal in your life.

Everyone is going to grab a burger, watch a television show or some other habit that is probably not the optimal choice from time to time. It is not the occasional decision that becomes a problem. It is when you are conditioned to believe that it is right and normal to always choose the unhealthy habits. It is when those little decisions that you make are made in favor of effortless and unhealthy each and every time you make them. If an unhealthy life is your normal then it is time to break that chain. It is time to recover another normal. It is time to stop the conditioning that tells you this is the right choice and actually make the best choice for yourself and your family.

Sometimes that is easier said than done. Simply put, it is cheaper to make unhealthy choices in many cases. While that obviously does not apply to the choice of a walk or hours of television, it would apply to what you make for dinner. Many times families fine it cost less to make or buy an unhealthy meal than it costs to grab something quick and easy. This fact alone keeps many people trapped in an unhealthy lifestyle for years before they finally break free. What you must realize is that while some healthier foods might cost a little more, the savings in your health will more than make up for it.

The problem with the conditioning you face from society is that you now believe you enjoy this unhealthy lifestyle more. You think of exercise as torture and television or hours on the computer as relaxing. Your idea of a good meal is one that is full of calories and fat, while fresh fruit and vegetables simply do not taste as good. You might even believe that you enjoy the effects of smoking or excessive drinking. This is because you have been conditioned by your lifestyle and what society has told you about it. What you need is to break away from that. Make healthy choices. Suffer through the initial difficulty and you will find that one day you truly do enjoy those healthy options much more than you enjoyed the unhealthy ones. It takes time to break bad habits, but you cannot expect it to happen until you start.